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What we do



The EXORiON Foundation conducts its own research and development works. One of the positively evaluated technological solutions developed by its team is FOG – a portable mist shower cabin for personal use with an extremely low water consumption – less than half a liter per minute. The FOG was successfully tested during the analog Martian mission AMADEE-15, organized in 2015 in Austria. Then its improved version was tested during the EXO.17 mission in the Mars Desert Research Station habitat in the USA. As part of the MBR Space Settlement Challenge competition, held in the United Arab Emirates in 2018, the FOG mist shower received one of the highest scores in the first round of funding.

As a team, EXORiON focuses on developing its proprietary Mobile Test Platform.


Our educational activities

Education is one of the main pillars of the EXORiON Foundation’s activity.

The focus of meetings with students is on the unique experiences gained by implementing projects and analog space simulations. The sessions are interactive lectures presenting various research and scenario tests conducted in extreme conditions. Examples of these classes were lectures on the Strefa Psyche project organized with SWPS University. The talks were held in 5 cities - Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Chorzów, and Gdańsk. Students had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the results of the EXO.17 simulation in human factor research.

The presentation of tests was prevalent. It was part of the WUD Silesia 2017 conference, where we conducted the 'Crossing the System Borders' panel with nearly 30 specialists from Poland and many other countries.

The activity of the EXORiON Foundation is related not only to science and research but also to the market’s need to conduct tests and develop projects for SMEs and corporations. Therefore, in cooperation with the Foundation for Polish Science and the Lewiatan Group, we were invited to present the business model of the EXORiON Foundation at the European Forum for New Ideas in 2017.

 The workshops complement the lectures, which take a broader look at the issue of conducting scenario tests under extreme conditions. We discuss real problems encountered during simulations, and together with the participants, we work out appropriate solutions that can become the basis for future analog simulations and space programs. One example of such workshops is the First Martian Congress as part of the Festival of Transformations, organized by the Polish Space Professionals Association and the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw. At the time, Jakub Falaciński moderated a panel called 'Habitats - life in extreme isolation,' which analyzed various aspects of habitat design for the survival and research work of the team on Mars.

The EXORiON Foundation also promotes science in space exploration and analog simulation through collaboration with the media. One such form of cooperation was Jakub Falaciński's (CEO of EXORiON) speech on the popular science program Sonda 2 (see:,odc-80-czlowiek-w-kosmosie,36261475).

In addition, a meeting with space exploration fans was organized during the Summer Cinema event at the National Film Archive, where Jakub Falaciński presented possible human-related issues in space tourism before the film screening 'Space Tourists' (2009, directed by Christian Frei).

Another non-standard educational activity is organizing competitions for children and youth. One such initiative was the final of the 3rd edition of the ReMy competition, where Natalia Zalewska, Ph.D. (Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Aviation), in cooperation with the National Film Archive and ESERO, gave a presentation on EXO.17. Additionally, she moderated a panel discussion for National Geographic on the premiere of the series 'Mars.'

Additionally, we are supported by over twenty specialists in space engineering, robot construction, radio communications, programming, physics, telemedicine and geology.


Testing services and products

We have developed a service for testing technological solutions in extreme conditions based on our own experience. We support the scientific research of leading Polish institutions. Our driving force is the desire to explore outer space. For this reason, we support activities that enable and improve future space programs and their popularization among professionals and young enthusiasts of the space sector.

The EXORiON Foundation was the first in Poland to initiate a cyclical program of testing analog simulations for astronauts, named EXO: Experimental Objectives, conducted as scenario tests.

Scenario tests resemble potential use cases of a given product like hardware, software, services in field conditions. They can be created before implementation at the analytical stage and then complement the documentation. Also, at the final stage of performance, they can be already described based on the functioning test version of the system. The first simulation of this kind, EXO.17, was carried out in March 2017 in the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) habitat, located in the Utah desert in the United States. The simulation involved the first entirely Polish interdisciplinary team, whose task was to conduct tests of prototypes of devices and technological solutions for leading Polish universities and scientific institutions of telemedicine and life support systems in conditions of contamination and evacuation systems for the injured. The participants were also subjected to comprehensive psychological tests due to their functioning in isolation conditions similar to those prevailing during space missions.

We believe in the innovative potential of Polish technologies and the possibility of using them globally. We offer unique tests and help increase prototype usage for future space programs and their implementation into the commercial market.

We invite you to cooperate with us to develop your products and services.

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